CTC Group started its construction business unit to meet the Group’s requirements in managing and building its facilities. From it’s initial mandate to build logistics warehouse and service centers covering the regions as CTC Group expanded, CTC Group’s construction business units have expanded into the construction of high-end office buildings and showrooms, setting the standard for quality construction in Sudan.


To fulfill the rapid expansion of CTC Group’s construction needs and to provide the highest level of service for  external customers; CTC Group established a joint venture with BREI sal/La Constructa sal to form La Constructa (Sudan), a high-end general contracting company.

CTC Construction

CTC Group established its in-house construction unit, CTC Construction, to fulfill the company’s requirements of managing and building infrastructure to meet the growing…

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La Constructa

CTC Group partnered with BREI sal/La Construca sal of Lebabnon, to form La Constructa (Sudan), expanding La Constructa sal’s operations to the Sudanese market. La Constructa…

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